Thursday, May 21, 2015

MOTD: Coni Beauty Lotus Elastic & Hydrating Mask

Hello SMAs!

Today I'm reviewing the Lotus Elastic & Hydrating Mask by Coni Beauty, a Taiwanese company. It's apparently one of the biggest skincare companies there, so you know they must make all sorts of sheet masks! I received this in my MaskGenie May pouch, and Genie says that this mask is actually an advertisement for Taiwanese tourism. Fascinating!

I was really excited to try this mask, as the packaging was just sooo fucking cute! Plus, these days any mask promising hydration is a plus (fucking Noxema... luckily I am down to only one application a day now... that shit dries the hell outta my skin D:) I also have perfumes with lotus extract in them that I love the smell of, so I figured this would be an interesting variety to try, as I don't think I have ever used anything with lotus in it before.


So what's the deal with lotus? The lotus blossom is a flower that's sacrosanct to a lot of Asian cultures and religions. The flower is most known for its longevity: an individual lotus plant can live for over a thousand years!!! All I can say is I NEED IT ON MY FACE TO STAY FOREVER YOUNG XD 

It's also known for its hydrating and moisturizing properties. It also helps to increase skin elasticity, erases fine lines, fades brown spots and smooths out wrinkles.

But enough of that science shit. On to the review!

This one has no English instructions, just an ingredient list :/

Mask details: Thin, but decently soaked in essence. There wasn't much left to do The Yoosh, sadly. It was VERY thin, and of course my bear paws managed to rip it in a couple of places >_<  It had a weird smell; not bad, but not as flowery and awesome as I expected it to be. I guess it smells like real mashed up lotus blossoms? Not a fan of the smell, folks.

Mask fit: It was a little small on me. I had to tear the eye and mouth holes in order for it to be comfortable. It only got to about an inch away from my ears, too :(

First Impressions: Well, with all that shit from above going on, I was most displeased that it dried rather fast... after 30 minutes, the mask was starting to curl at the edges, so I was forced to take it off and finish my routine. After I patted the remaining essence in, my skin didn't feel plump or very much hydrated. What a total bummer!!!! It was not my favorite mask I'd ever used, that's for sure. I finished my routine and went to bed grumbling.

Final thoughts: Well, call me Aunt Sally.... My skin felt awesome and smooth as fuck today! Not only that, but my face didn't look shiny today! I'm still touching my face in awe. But I do wonder if it wasn't the Mizon Jelly Pack I used earlier that evening that helped with that (hard to say for sure...), but I have a sneaking suspicion that might be the case. Would I buy a 10 pack of this mask? I'm not sure, tbh. The cons might outweigh the pros at this point in the game. I will make up my mind about this brand when I try its sister mask, and I'll make sure not to use any extra hydration steps for the control.

Tune in tomorrow for another sheetastic adventure! 


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