Monday, May 4, 2015

My Name is Deena and I'm Addicted to Sheet Masks

They say admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery... But I'm not really interested in an intervention or whatever XD (TL;DR ahead....)

I have been introduced to the crazy awesome world of Asian skincare. It's insane the kind of things they have going on! But as it happens, I stumbled on these wonderful little things:

These are sheet masks: a spa-like facial *snerk* in a packet. It's the perfect little pick-me-up for your tired, thirsty skin. The best part? Most masks are really affordable: if you buy in bulk, you can get masks for less that $1 a piece! For less than a latte from a certain overpriced coffee corporation, you can be on your way to better skin!!! What's not to like about that??

The Coveteur (linked above) says, "Sheet masks have been trending in Korea for quite some time now and they're finally gaining popularity in the U.S because of the instant effects they have in regards to skin brightening, soft, firm skin. They're also an inexpensive way to treat yourself vs. going to a facial. Sheet masks focus on adding deep hydration for dewy, luminous skin—they're unique in that they allow your skin to absorb the essences and lock in the moisture."

And they ain't lying. 

My face feels and looks more amazing since I started using them, and in turn, I have started incorporating other Asian skincare products into my face maintenance routine. The one thing that puts people on pause is, well, what they look like on your mug:

Insane amirite? I look like a fucking crazy person...
The way I see it is, as someone I know put it, "I don't care if it's literally shit; if it works, I will put it on my face."

Damn right.

And these are wayyyy nicer than shit, I can only imagine XD They feel nice and cool on your face, and you really notice a difference right away, The effects are temporary, but if you use them regularly they really do help with moisture and (depending on the mask) even tightening and helping to brighten your face, amongst other things. 

Look at this bright face! (nevcermind the facial hair... fucking PCOS....)

So why start a blog, you ask?

Sure, there are 3056060 billion other Asian skincare fanatics on the interwebz, but I really want to help spread the word about sheet masks specifically to any and everyone who will listen read! Unlike the whole rigmarole of the Korean Beauty Regimen (henceforth to be knows as KBR), you don't have to invest a small fortune on eleventy billion products like some people *ahem* or change the way you take care of your shit now. You can simply just use a mask whenever you like and reap the (short-term) benefits---without breaking the bank.

Plain and simple. 

I will not try to convert anyone to the seemingly exhaustive KBR, but I highly recommend at least looking into the rest of the routine. I got into it because I'm turning 30 next month, and I figure it's time to "freeze the face"  while it still looks decent XD

The short of it: I plan to post a Mask of the Day at least 5x a week (if not everyday LOL) with my thoughts and feelings on different brands and flavors (yum!) of sheet masks. Trust me, I have collected quite a few so far (with a shitton more on the way.....). I will also share my hauls, store reviews, places to buy, any good sales I come across,  and other skincare related things from time to time.

Until tomorrow (where I will review tonight's masks and some other miscellaneous things), 



  1. What site have you found most helpful in ordering your sheet masks from? look forward to more of your reviews

    1. Thank you! So far, I've bought masks from Amazon and eBay. Both places have great prices on masks, but you should really price match! :D


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