Thursday, May 14, 2015

MOTD: 'The Cure' Tea Tree

Hello my chickadees!

Today's mask is from a brand called either "The Qure" or "The Cure" Tea Tree, made by LS Cosmetics, a Korean based company. Why the ambiguity? Some packages from the same company have the name as either/or. I blame the Engrish XD It was hard to find much about the company online. Even the place I bought it from (I went to the NYC ClubClio store) doesn't have it listed on their site! A shame, really. This mask came in a multipack of 15 masks for $10 from the ClubClio retail store.

As you may already know, tea tree is known throughout the world for its antiseptic and anti-inflammation qualities.... so it's no small wonder that most sheet mask lines have a tea tree variety. It's perfect for big ass zits and other skin maladies (acne, etc). I personally use a 50/50 blend of tea tree and lavender and apply it undiluted to my zits... they melt away in 2-3 days if used 2x a day! Looove it! Someone needs to make a mask with that combo, just saying :)

Speaking of zits, I have two that pulsed into being last night, so I decided to presumptively treat them with this tea tree mask.

Sorry for the shitty picture quality... my camera was being a diva....

Luckily, this has an English instruction section :)

Mask details: This mask is made from either cotton or rayon, and it is kinda thick (heh). It has a lovely swirly pattern etched in, and it is fucking SOAKED in essence! The package had a generous amount left over for me to do with what I want (the yoosh, guys). I think these masks set the bar high on that front for me :P It smells faintly medicinal, but not quite as astringent as straight up tea tree. I rather prefer the scent of the mask to the real shit XD

Mask fit: This had the standard not-quite-right fit, but it does cover my whole face, so I'm happy about that.

First Impression: I kept this one on for only a 1/2 hour, but I could have kept it on a lot longer... these was still a lot of essence left in it, so I squeezed it out and rubbed it on my elbows, knees, and boobs (waste not, want not...). It felt nice and cool, and there was some slight tingling near my zits (good!!!). My face felt tight when I took it off; didn't expect that XD I continued my nightly routine + a generous dabbing of my lavender/tea tree oil + toothpaste on my zits (overkill I know, I want this shit GONE), went to bed.

Final thoughts: So did it help? It left my face feeling clean and refreshed this morning. I had some tiny bumps on my face that were cleared this morning (yayyy) and the zits are starting to get hard, but they aren't as swollen as they were last night, so yay for that! Is this worth a second try? FUCK YES. The masks from this company are the ones that started my obsession :P All of the masks I've tried from this company have been great so far! :D It didn't completely get rid of my zits, but I don't really know of anything that does :/

I think I will have to use another clarifying/healing type mask tonight to help me get rid of these zits ASAP. Ugh.

Stay tuned xoxox

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