Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MOTD: TonyMoly 'I'm Real' Red Wine Mask

That's some fancy packaging, there.

Hello my darlings!

Today's mask is the TonyMoly 'I'm Real' Red Wine Mask, which is made by TonyMoly, a Korean based company. This was also apart of my Awesome Haul post, which you can read more about pricing and where I bought it here. This is one of the more famous Korean skin care companies here in the States: they have two stores in NYC (I've been to one, it's where I got this mask :D), plus you can find their shit on Sephora! Wowzers!

This mask's featured ingredient is red wine, aka every reality TV housewife's liquid gold XD

Red wine is a favorite skin indulgence for the nouveaux riche (it has spawned its own cult beauty ritual called vinotherapy!) but apparently they may be on to something... leave it to the rich people to think of wasting gallons of perfectly good booze to look younger *sigh*.

Anyway, according to Sephora, the mask description is as follows:
This sheet mask treatment is infused with real red wine extracts and rosemary to address enlarged pores while purifying, refining, and tightening skin. Perfect for troubled skin, it soothes the complexion with jasmine and green tea extracts for a refined complexion. Each mask features a three-layer durable cotton sheet for better absorption and deeper penetration of essence—resulting in a healthy-looking glow.

Interesting, But does it live up to the hype?? *dun dun dun*

On to the review!

Mostly in Korean, but there's English too! I would think so, since you can buy this at Sephora...
Closeup of the English print.

Mask Details: This mask is made from cotton, It was thin and soaked with essence, There was enough left to rub on my neck and boobs :P Although thin, this mask was easy to peel apart and settled on my face nicely. It smelled faintly like sweet wine. I thought it was just my imagination, but I had Mr. A (my boyfriend) do a sniff test and asked him to guess what it was made with... he guessed correctly.

Mask Fit: This had a standard not-quite-right fit (like most masks so far...) but unlike my current favorite mask (Missha Honey Butter), this one did not cover my whole face. It stopped short about 1/2 in from my ears :/ It ripped at the mouth hole while I was chewing gum, so not a very hardy mask either :(

First Impression: Despite all the frowns in the fit department, I really liked this mask. I kept it on for only a half hour though, as it started to dry out around the chin area. It did feel really nice on my face, and when I took it off, my face stayed nice and moist for about 5 or so minutes while the essence soaked in, I continued with my normal ritual (no sleeping pack last night lol) and went to bed.

Final Thoughts: When I looked in the mirror today, the pores that looked bigger than the fucking bathroom I was in (but seriously... I could count the ones on my forehead...) were noticeably smaller *whew*. Despite smelling like a desperate housewife for a half hour, it seemed to accomplish one of its claims: my pores look smaller. My skin feels nice and clean today too :D Would I buy this again?? FUCK YES but not from the TM store directly. I found a pack of 10 for less than $17 on Amazon, which works out to a little less than $1.70 a mask: less than half the price I paid at the retail store -__-

Learn form me kiddos: price check before you buy shit. I don't really mind paying retail for the one I reviewed (as I went to the actual flagship store) but I will not make that mistake again with the "I'm Real" mask line, There's also a multi pack of all 11 kinds on Amazon for less than $17 (totes jumped into my cart *shrug*). I have one more from this line that I bought at the same time, so look for the review of that one soon!

What will I use tonight??? So much fucking selection, I have no idea! :P

Til tomorrow xoxoxo

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