Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Template, Mask Spreadsheets and Other Randomness

Because Blogger is pretty basic and dumb, I had to change my layout back to one of their defaults. I had a nice custom template, but the comment section was broken and I have no Idea how to fix it....so yeah. Back to Basic Bitch layout for me :/

Thanks Lorde and Taylor XD
I guess this isn't too bad, right?? I tried to make it as pretty as I could, in any case. I am contemplating switching this to Wordpress, any thoughts? The one plus to keeping it on Blogger is that Google gives me unlimited photo storage... handy for gif heavy posts XD

Oh, I also added new pages (like, forever ago but never mentioned it)! I added my masks! Yay! There is a link to my spreadsheet on Box; I update it every now and again XD

Latest view of my collection :P

As I am nothing short of benevolent and awesome, I have made a blank spreadsheet that you can use for your mask collection too! But it's not limited to that... use it for your other beauty products, or whatever other use you can fucking think of.

I have seen some other spreadsheets for AB usage, but what makes mine unique and awesome is: it's dynamic. The leftmost column with the name never moves. The rest of the sheet moves so you can see the other (zillion) columns without losing your place! How awesome is that?? I also made a total line so I know how many I have at any given time.

All those years working in fucking offices have finally paid off ;)

I also added my wishlists... this will be updated more in the future. I have a major case of the lazies, so for now it's just Amazon lists on there XD

I have a couple of masks to review from last week still... Gonna use the new MOTDFLW tag for them so you know... meaning I should have a lot more posts this week to compensate.

I must be insane.... but they were worth reviewing, in any case.

Let's see, anything else??

Just a snail spinning on a record. Ho hum. 
I think that's all I have to report for now. Look for the regularly scheduled Mask of the Day post later!



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