Monday, August 10, 2015

Beauty Friends Cucumber Essence Mask

Shitty picture for a shitty mask. Ugh.
Howdy y'all!

Today's mask is from Vanedo/Beauty Friends, a Korean brand. I got these masks from eBay. It was in a pack of 12 masks for about $12 + free shipping!

I could find nothing (in English) about this company, and it looks like they re-branded these masks (as now they look all modern and flashy). Hmm. The packaging (besides basic directions and a short description of the featured ingredient in English) is all in Korean. I dunno what the fuck is in the mask besides the so-called featured ingredient, and I am almost afraid to find out O_o

So, umm, you know that adage, "you get what you pay for"? Looks like this time, it might very well be the case T_T

Ah, well, umm... can't win them all?? >_>

This is the second mask I've tried from this company... and both of them have been terrible experiences. SO terrible.

Like, they were so bad I'm in disbelief here  O_o
The first one I tried (back in May, I think?) was the potato... I put it on, and it started burning... it was tingling really bad. I had to take it off, wash my face and restart my routine. My poor nose was red for a few minutes, but I followed up with a Tony Moly Red Wine mask and my face was fine after that. 

As you might expect, I was in no rush to try another mask from them, but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. I have tried a potato mask from another brand and it tingled (not burned, but I figured maybe my skin didn't really like potato or something. Meh). I decided to try a mask from the same line that would have an ingredient that was mild and I knew my skin liked: cucumber. Ahh, refreshingly cool cucumber. Shouldn't be too bad, right??

Ugh. What the fuck did I expect to happen?? 
I put on the mask, and it was fine for a few minutes... then my lip edges started to have a burning sensation. That in itself is not so unusual; my lips are pretty sensitive, and for some masks I have to stretch out the mouth hole to avoid the burn and it's fine after that. So I stretch out the mouth hole, and wait a couple more started to tingle strongly by my chin.

Before I know it, the tingle burn has spread to my nose, then my cheeks, and by then I am like 

Get this fucking shit off of meeee ZOMGWTFBBQ
OMG I took that shit off with a quickness and ran to the fucking bathroom. I washed my face in cold water and CeraVe hydrating cleanser, restarted my routine (including another mask, the Hello Kitty Collagen Deep Moisturizing Recovery Mask), and hoped for the best.


I was terrified my face was going to look like a monster when I woke up the next day T__T. I slathered on more snail gel than usual before bed, praying to the Snail Gods that my face wouldn't look like a crater hit it in the morning.

Luckily for me, my face was fine the next morning, Seriously, my back up mask (I have multiples of it, it will be reviewed in the future...) saved my dumb ass from what could have been a shitty skin reaction. That was a close one *wipes brow*.

I have tried dozens of masks in my brief tenure as a Sheet Mask Maven, but these are the worst masks everrrrrrr. My skin is pretty hardy; I don't have sensitive skin, and allergic reactions have never been an issue for me. My guess would be there's something in these masks that do not agree with my skin.... and if I could find what the fuck was actually in these, I would probably have my answer.

Go figure.

This sheet masking adventure sure is fucking risky, man.... my beautiful face is at stake you guise T__T

Do you really need to ask if I'd ever use a mask from this line again???

Nope nope nope.

The weird thing is, I have looked up other people's thoughts on this brand's masks. Some people have noted the tingling sensation of these too, but said they worked fine. I never kept them on my face long enough to find out how well they worked, which is why this review is in a non standard format. I was so freaked out, I had no time to register any reaction besides tingling and panic XD If you feel comfortable keeping a mask that tingles/burns on your face, more power to you. I would rather not risk the health of my face, TYVM. 

Before this brand, I have had very few masks that had much of a sensation besides cooling, and even the ones that would tingle were at a very tolerable level. If your face feels like your mask was dipped in sriracha, then maybe you shouldn't keep it on. It's not worth taking a risk to find out if you'll spend weeks nursing your poor face back to health.

Just saying. 

Have you tried any of the Beauty Friends masks? What did you think? Did they tingle/burn for you too? Let me know! If you want the remaining 10 from the pack, let me know too; I'll be more than happy to give them to you at cost. 

Until next time,



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