Tuesday, August 4, 2015

MOTD: Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Aqua Mask Pack

Hola! Today's mask is from Freeset, a Korean brand (cannot find anything about this company...my Google Fu has failed meee). I got this one in my June deluxe MaskGenie Pouch (which I didn't review... boo to me, right? It was a great pouch too...). Apparently Memebox has 'em for $2!!! (WHAT I paid fucking $5 at the Club Clio store for my other one O_o)

Man, I have been very excited to try this mask! It's loved by a lot of Korean Beauty bloggers, so I was totes excited to finally get one!!

Go meeee! XD
This is my second hydrogel mask ever. I really liked the first one I tried (from another brand...) and after all the buzz about this one, I was gung ho about trying it. I have been burned with some shitty masks lately, so it was high time to treat myself to something good. Yayyy! Totes excited, I tell ya.
Yippie! :D

Now on to the featured ingredient: donkey milk. Yeah, I know. We can add this to the list of weird ingredients I'm willing to put on my face in the name of beauty XD

Wow... apparently donkey milk has been used in cosmetics for a long ass time (pun intended). Even Cleopatra (one of the Antiquity Babes we owe so much to...) used to take baths in it. It is purported to be the closest to human breast milk and is loaded with lots of vitamins. It apparently has a lot of vitamin C... one of the best for anti-aging and getting rid of those pesky free radicals from your skin (and body!).

This has a bunch of other awesome ingredients in it, but meh, Too lazy to research. Just know it has good shit in it XD

Enough mammary secretion stuffs... Now to the good shit :)


Mask 411: Hydrogel lined cotton, well soaked with a plastic backing. Smells great :D
Mask fit: clings to your face like whoa. Fits my whole face, nicely placed holes.
Did it work as advertised? Yessssss
Overall rating? Amazeballs. GIVE ME ALL THE DONKEY MILK MASKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mask details: Wow, where do I start? Look at the packaging (I made a .gif, y'all!!!):

Isn't that awesome?? I almost didn't want to open it... then I did XD Even the inside is pretty:

The mask itself is a cotton mask lined with a thin layer of hydrogel (or perhaps a thick serum? Same difference right? XD) on both sides. It was drenched in liquid... so much so that I poured half of it in my lap while putting the mask on XD It smells really pretty... didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Mask Fit: I really like the fit of this mask. The holes were placed well and it covers my whole face. What I like the most about the mask is the way it clings:

It was like a second skin, with minimal air pockets. I love that. The holes were placed well... just had to stretch out the mouth hole a lil (smirk).

First Impression:  This mask held up like a champ. It stayed wet through an entire episode and a half of Cuttthroat Kitchen before starting to dry at the edges. I wore this sucker until it was lifting off mah face, no lie. After taking it off, my face felt soft, smooth and plump. I surprisingly didn't have to wait long for the essence to soak in (yet my face still felt amazeballs...), then I finished my routine.

Final thoughts: 

Can't get enough of that ass... milk. On mah face. 

Hubba hubba! <3
My skin looks and feels amazing today!!!! It's soft, smooth, and was still very supple and moist when I got up today. I haven't had any major skin issues lately (hooray!) so I cannot definitively say anything else but I figured with the heat and bleh that is a NYC summer, I could use all the hydration and moisturizing I could get. Or something. Fuck it, I'll admit I just wanted to use this mask so bad XD

OMG I am so happy I finally gave this mask a try! I need to buy it by the truck load! I guess I need to buy some from Memebox, since they seem to have it the cheapest. I looked on Amazon and there was none in stock. eBay seems to be the better bet in getting a good price for a box of 10, so I might just have to, erm, invest in a box.

That's my motto XD
Until tomorrow, when I'll be reviewing... hmm. I am not sure which one I'll use tonight yet. I am thinking about making a calendar and penciling in some masks... the problem is, I am so indecisive that it would probably change from day to day anyway XD I'm so bad at choosing masks that I have taken to just selecting 14 masks at a time and keeping them in my fridge so I don't have to get all stressed out about which to choose.... it takes a lot less time to deliberate between 14 vs 230 XD

Have you tried this awesome mask? What do you think about the calendar idea? Let me know!



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