Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mizon King to the Kong No. 1 Moist King’s Berry Mask Sheet

Hello dolls! Today's mask is from Mizon, a Korean brand. They are another one of my favorite Korean skin care brands... I cannot live without their Snail Repair line :P I got a pack of 7 for $9.99 on eBay (it's cheaper now! Gah!). It was shipped directly from Korea. I bought a bunch of stuff from them. They gave me lots of samples, shipped fast; really awesome seller :P

I've decided to drop the MOTD from the title. You get it; it's the Mask of the Day. I pretty much only blog about masks, so I think we can all assume it's the mask for whatever fucking day it is right? Plus, I am still tagging it appropriately, so you will still be able to find it under that ;)

Isn't the packaging cute?? LOL I laughed so much when I saw it... besides the promising description, it was what made me buy it XD Peach and Lily said the following:
From Mizon's King to the Kong Collection, this black chokeberry-infused sheet mask is formulated for all skin types. Chokeberry extract is packed with essential phyto-nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that help to brighten skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines. It also has 80x more anthocyanin than grapes, and 10x more catechins and tannins than green tea, which means your skin will be left more appearing more radiant and healthy. Antioxidants protect the skin from environmental factors and help to boost elasticity.
I was like WHAT?!?
When I saw this gif, I knew I had to use it, Plus, hot damn I needed a good mask XD

Hmm, lots of buzzwords... but man, after all the shitty and meh masks I've been using lately (excluding the Donkey Milk of course), it sure feels like it was high time to have a great mask experience again. Since it's from a trusted company, it should be ok, right??

Spoiler alert: It was an awesome mask XD
Anyway, today's featured mask ingredient is black chokeberry... a berry I was not familiar with before doing the research for this post XD Apparently they are chock full of phytonutrients in the form of polyphenols (most of which are antioxidants). Many phytonutrients have shown promise in helping battle UV radiation/sun damage. Wow. So much awesome in such little berries!

Yum, indeed XD
Ahem. On to the review XD


Mask 411: Thin mask soaked in essence. Had a weird, medicinal smell
Mask fit: standard non-fitting fit, had to stretch the holes (XD)
Did it work as advertised? Yes!
Overall rating? It really made a difference in my face! It's a mask worth trying!

Mask details: This mask was thin and soaked with essence. It had a weird smell, almost medicinal I'd say. Bleh. I got nose blind to it after like 5 minutes but still...they could have done something to make it smell better. Just saying.

Mask Fit: This had the standard non-fit. I had to widen the holes for the mask to be comfortable, but it fit my whole face so yayyy :D

First Impression:  This mask kept its cool, man, It kept cold for like 5 minutes out the fridge and it held up a long time. After 45, it was still a bit damp, but the cheek edges started to curl so I took it off.  My face felt nice when I took off the mask! SO plump and supple! It took a few minutes for the essence to soak in, then I finished my routine and went about my business.

Final thoughts:

Seriously... this mask was an angel in disguise T_T
Totes how my face feels :D
I think I have a crush on you, Monkey Mask XD
You know what? I was sooo grateful for this mask. Sure it smells a lil weird, but it felt nice and it works. My face not only feels amazing, but it looks great too! I don't really have too many fine lines besides by my eyes (hey, it's from laughter! Plus I haz no wrinkles! Lucky me :P) but sometimes it can look a little rough or textured? Bleh. But not this time:

Smooth and (looks) flawless T_T
I expected no less from Mizon. I was very pleased with this mask's performance. I only have a few left (I gave a couple of these away...), so I will be sure to treasure the ones I have left, I will definitely put this on my re-buy list. I need it for when the shitty masks of life get me down XD Hell, I need to acquire some other Mizon masks and try them. If this mask is any indication, the rest of them must be really good! :D

Have you used this (or any other) Mizon mask? What did you think?

Until next sheet mask adventure,




  1. I love your use of gifs xD This looks so great! *makes grabby hands* I need to try one soon!

    1. Thanks hon! Hehe you totes should! If I were you I'd buy it from eBay or Amazon (if they have it) because $4 for one is too much *ahem P&L* ;)

    2. Ugh, definitely! Although I just ordered some Tony Moly and Dermal masks off of Amazon, so I'm trying to have some self-restraint. But the temptation is real :P

    3. Niiiice! Those are two of my fave mask companies! Have you used any from either before?

      Girl, I'm on a no-buy right now and it's killing me. Mind you, I have enough masks to go well into the new year... but still XD

    4. I've used Tony Moly Masks, but not the Dermal ones! I've heard pretty good reviews of the Dermal masks though, so I'm crossing my fingers that I like them because they're so cheap *heart eyes*

      I'm on a no-buy until September, and I'm crying internally because I have such a long wish list of kbeauty amazingness that I neeeeeed. Okay, maybe not need. But, ya know.


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