Monday, August 3, 2015

MOTDFLW: Urban Dollkiss Welcome to Korea Sheet Mask

(In case you were wondering about today's acronym: Mask of the Day From Last Week XD)

Heyyyy y'all!

Sorry for the abrupt hiatus. Man, I was sick as a fucking dog last week.... out of nowhere. Who likes to be sick in the summertime??? No one, that's who.

Anyway, today's mask is from Urban Dollkiss (aka/fka Baviphat). I got this is my July Beauteque Mask Maven box (it's not on their site yet....). I was soooo excited to try this mask! I love the packaging, but more importantly, I have a few products from UD/Baviphat that I really like, so I had high expectations for this mask.

So uh, remember how I promised you a review of a really shitty sheet mask last week?? This would be it, my dears.

Wahhhhh I wish it weren't so....
Don't ask me what the fuck is even in this mask.... Google gave me nothing. The packaging was mostly in Korean, and this month Beauteque didn't list any label info on the card. Ugh.

I am soooooo pissed off (still!)... it is a shitty excuse for a sheet mask, there's virtually no information on it besides people unboxing the July MM pouch... not even Beauteque has them on their site for sale by themselves! Just my luck, right?? Fuck it; we're gonna go straight to the review.

Tell 'em Lafayette! *slam*


Mask 411: thick, damp (!) with a nice smelling essence
Mask fit: Terrible. It was stiff, inflexible and just shitty.
Did it work as advertised? Ugh, it failed as a sheet mask.
Overall rating? This mask just plain sucks, man.

Mask details: This mask was thick and kinda...damp. Yes, it was only damp with essence, There weren't even any droplets of essence in the packaging. I'd say it leaked or something but alas, it was vacuumed sealed before I opened it. It did smell nice, however.

Mask Fit: Ohhh the fit was aggravating, It was stiff and would not stay on my face properly. Because the mask was like triple folded in a rectangle (and it was damp instead of dripping...) it had perma-creases that would not smooth out:
Wahhh I look so shitty with this mask on T_T
Ahhh those weird ass slits too... I was not happy. BTW, this is what the mask looked like like 2 minutes after I put it on, Looks like I had it on a while, right?? What the everloving fuck....

First Impression:  Wow, as if the fit weren't bad enough... the dampness .This shit didn't hold up very long. It stayed "wet" for all of 10 minutes before staring to dry at the edges. After taking it off my face felt (you guessed it) dry! Not even a silky dry like after I put on my essences and toners before the mask: dry like I just finished my AHA treatment (read: not great). I had to rehydrate my face with some additional Hadalabo Moist Lotion before I finished my routine. I also had to use a fucking sleeping pack on top of this. My poor skin. The irony? I used my Baviphat lemon brightening sleeping pack.

At least we know they know how to make a great sleeping pack, at any rate.

Final thoughts:

Do. Not. Like.
This failed in its most simple purpose: to moisturize/hydrate. I knew it was going to be a problem as soon as I opened it. You can't ship a sheet mask damp. That is just awful. Why would someone do that??

James Franco is disappointed, and so am I.
It was just disappointment in a pretty rectangular package. Urban Dollkiss/Baviphat, I am so sad. I really looove your non-mask stuff I have. Why you no make a great sheet mask? Why would you sell anyone a sheet mask that's halfway dry?!? Would I buy this shit again??

Hells to the no.
At least it didn't break me out. Hoorayyy...

My skin felt OK the next morning, but only because of the additional products I had to use in light of this mask's epic fail. Thank Goddess for small miracles, huh?

It's so bad that I am not even gonna tangle with its sister mask. I don't even think I'll give it away: straight to the fucking trash you go. How the hell do you fail at being a sheet mask so hard? Why? I wanted to like you so much, Really. I tried my damnedest but you were just unlovable. 

As the kids today say....

Get on outta here with that bullshit.

See ya tomorrow, where I will be reviewing the awesomely amayyyzing Donkey Milk Aqua mask! Yay! 




  1. Aww, boo. I was thinking of trying this out tonight, since I got it in my MM bag too...thanks for the warning.

  2. I'm wearing this right now and this is the first sheet mask I have ever detested. I have another one from my bag to use and now I want to just get rid of it!

    1. OMG isn't it terrible?? Just the absolute worst.


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