Monday, July 27, 2015

Sick as Fuck, or I Hate Mondays

Hey dolls! I have some sad news: No MOTD post today. I'm sick as a motherfucker... I have bronchitis and it's kicking my ass :(

I'm fucking dying ova here....
...I'm coughing like these noobs smoking weed XD
...not a bad idea XD
I did use a really shitty mask last night. but I don't have the energy to give it the proper bitching out it needs. Also, my eyes are watering uncontrollably and I just generally feel like shit. Maybe tomorrow.... I won't be using a mask tonight anyway T_T



Sunday, July 26, 2015

MOTD: Etude House 'I Need You' Mango Sheet Mask

Hey lovelies! Today's mask is from Etude House, a Korean Brand. I have used some of their other products and I really like the company, so I was totes excited to finally try one of their masks! They are another company known for their cute packaging :3

I bought this from Beauteque for $1.99. They have the packaging wrong on their site (they have the M is for Mango from the EH alphabet mask series... might be the same mask, but still XD). I got the real lowdown from Etude House:
Mango Mask - This mask sheet contains mango extract (Mangifera Indica (Mango) Fruit Extract) known for its variety of vitamins and fiber, helping to provide firm and healthy skin with its sweet and gentle touch.
Dave always knows how to say it best XD
Ahhh yeah! I fucking loooove mango everything! And I sure could use a "sweet, gentle touch"... on mah face ;)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

MOTD: Dermal Platinum Collagen Essence Mask

'Ello dolls! Today's mask is from Dermal, a Korean brand.

They seem to be a hidden gem brand; I haven't seen much buzz about them on the AB circuit, in any case. Which is a shame, really. I have tried a few of their masks so far, and they are always great! They need more AB love :P

When I saw this mask all I could think was

I mean wow. Platinum on mah face? Sheeeeet, I don't even own anything platinum! I wanted to feel like a rich bitch for once, so I was more than happy to use this mask last night :D

Friday, July 24, 2015

MOTD: Hey! Pinkgo Girl Black Rose Collagen Intense Hydration Mask

Hey lovelies! Today's mask is from Hey! Pinkgo Girl, a Taiwanese brand. They have the cutest packaging! I'm serious, go look at their other packages. Just fucking adorable :P

I bought this in a box of 10 for about $13 on Amazon, from a seller authorized to sell this brand in the US. This was one of the first masks I bought after getting into sheet masks! :D This finally made its way back into my was banished for months (more on that later) XD.

 According to the listing on Amazon:
Hey! Pinkgo Girl Black Rose Collagen Intense Hydration Sheet Mask brings together an array of anti-aging ingredients that offer firming, toning and lifting benefits while effectively meeting your skin's need for hydration to visibly plump the complexion.

The SGS-approved thin mask features black rose extract to promote skin repair at the cellular level and address the underlying causes of premature signs of aging. Collagen firms and strengthens sagging weakened tissue, while hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin to hydrate and reduce the depth of fine lines.

Prevent sagging and fight numerous signs of aging with a single moisturizing sheet mask. With every use, you'll get a boost in hydration and reveal a more youthful complexion.
Sounds totes amazing right?? Add to that my love of all things rose scented and I was all like

Give it to me baby! XD

Thursday, July 23, 2015

MOTD: My Beauty Diary Imperial Bird's Nest Mask

Hey dolls! Today's mask is from My Beauty Diary. a Taiwanese company. They are a pretty popular mask company...they even sell them at Walmart!! (note to self: compare prices at Wally World vs Amazon XD).

I bought mine from Beauteque for $1.99. I actually got another one in my June Mask Maven pouch too *le sigh*. But you know what? MBD and TM dupes are allllllways welcome in my stash (they're my two absolute fave mask companies) ;)

Anywho, according to Beauteque:
This mask provides the skin with nourishing and moisturizing nutrients. It moisturizes dry skin, feels soft and supple like a baby's skin. The enhanced hydration meets the ultimate needs of the skin and nourishing. The combination of rare elements from the sky, the extraction of 'Swiftlet's nest', and the extraction of deep-sea plant, 'coralline', with the reputation of 'submarine bird's nest' gives the skin this superb gourmet feast. It deeply improves skin hydration, provides rich nourishment and energy, heals dry and expression fine lines, erases dullness and roughness, and makes skin translucent, tender and smooth.
*grabby hands* Give it to meeeeee

Monday, July 20, 2015

MOTD: 3W Clinic Fresh Red Ginseng Mask Sheet

Hey lovelies! Today's mask is from 3W Clinic, a Korean company.

I can't seem to find out much about them online, but I know of them via adding a snail mask of theirs to my TesterKorea order I got back in May (haven't used it yet...). I got this mask in my June Beauteque Mask Maven pouch (you know, the one I got that I didn't review?? XD). Ahem. Beauteque has them in stock for $1.80..... the one I got from TK cost me 500 won, or $0.43--- the cheapest mask I own, as a matter of fact O_o.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

July Beauteque Mask Maven Pouch Unboxing

Hey lovelies! Today I am fiiiinally getting around to my July Mask Maven unboxing (unpouching?)!! :D

It arrived quickly after they shipped it (since they shipped from NJ, I got it in two days) and I am quite excited to show you what's inside!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

MOTD: TonyMoly 'I'm Real' Seaweed Mask

Hey dolls! Today's mask is from one of my favorite AB companies, TonyMoly. They're a Korean based company who have managed to make quite a name for themselves here in the States. They have two retail locations in NYC (they just had the grand opening for their official flagship store a few weeks ago! I totes missed it T_T)

Anyway, I bought this mask with its 10 sisters from Amazon. I bought them for $16.99, which works out to about $1.54 a mask, and it's cheaper now! Bastards. It's loads cheaper than buying it directly from the store (I bought some from the TM retail store for $3.45 each). I can tell you definitively that they are legit (at least the ones I got...) as I had my bae red wine from TM and have used the one from this kit and they were exactly the same.

MOTD: Innisfree It's Real! Squeeze Bija Mask

Heyy y'all! Today's mask is from Innisfree, a Korean based company. I bought this mask from TesterKorea for 950 won, or about $0.84. This company is known for their natural approach to skincare. They tend to use a lot of what us Westerners would call 'exotic' ingredients, primarily from Jeju Island in Korea. 

With that said, I hard a hard time finding anything about Bija. Even Google was like, what the fuck is it? XD After a look on the manufacturer's site, I found what they were referring to: torreya oil. Interesting.

According to Innisfree:
1. It's real squeeze mask with torreya oil! The fruits of the torreya tree have been highly appreciated and used as a precious ingredient.
2. Jeju green complex: Jeju green complex that consists of green tea, tangerine, cactus, Camellia leaves and orchid keep your skin healthy.
Ooo, gimmie gimme, I thought whilst selecting my mask last night. Sounds like what my skin needs after a muggy, grimy day in NYC!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

MOTD: Leaders Mediu Amino Clearing Mask

Hello lovelies!

Today's mask is from Leaders, a Korean brand. I bought this from Beauteque for $2.20. I bought it after getting another mask from them (that I loved!) so I was super excited to try it, especially after reading the description:
 Purifies the skin and leaves a shiny gloss. The Amino acid, Cystein helps to brighten skin. It contains vitamin C derivatives and lotus extract to remove impurities in skin and result in a clean and clear skin. 
Oooh, just the the thing I need! This should be pretty freaking awesome, right??

Well. They were right about the shiny gloss, anyway.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Skincare Fun With Hydrogel!

Hey lovelies! I have a bonus post for you today! :D

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a (small) breakout on my forehead. It's not too terrible as these things go, but I decided to add an extra step in my morning routine today to help facilitate healing a bit. I also had very puffy under-eyes today, so I decided that hydrogel was just the shit I needed to help my skin :P

MOTD: Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack

Hey lovelies! Sorry it's been awhile... I was in Minnesota for a few weeks. I barely used any sheet masks while I was away (boooo) but I am back with a vengeance now; I've used one ever night since I've been back :3

I came back to three packages of KB goodies: My June subs! Yayy! I'll cover those in a separate post, as I got some non-mask goodies too :P

Today's mask is from Benton, a Korean company. Their products are pretty popular; they've been in a lot of KB subs, and a lot of people have found many a Holy Grail (HG) in their lineup. They've also had their share of controversy. Personally, I have heard more good then bad about them (plus, nothing bad about their sheet masks...) and I found out about the drama llama after I already used the mask, so I didn't let that color my opinion or my experience.