Thursday, July 9, 2015

MOTD: TonyMoly 'I'm Real' Seaweed Mask

Hey dolls! Today's mask is from one of my favorite AB companies, TonyMoly. They're a Korean based company who have managed to make quite a name for themselves here in the States. They have two retail locations in NYC (they just had the grand opening for their official flagship store a few weeks ago! I totes missed it T_T)

Anyway, I bought this mask with its 10 sisters from Amazon. I bought them for $16.99, which works out to about $1.54 a mask, and it's cheaper now! Bastards. It's loads cheaper than buying it directly from the store (I bought some from the TM retail store for $3.45 each). I can tell you definitively that they are legit (at least the ones I got...) as I had my bae red wine from TM and have used the one from this kit and they were exactly the same.

According to Yesstyle, the mask description is as follows:
Nutrient-rich seaweed mask nourishes and purifies with select marine flora that purge skin of impurities and restore vitality to a lackluster complexion. 
The featured ingredient is Fucus Vesiculosus Extract (also known as bladderwrack). This plant is known for its antioxidant and water binding properties,. It has also been shown in lab studies to improve skin elasticity and thickening of the skin. Short, but simple and awesome. Sounds like something my skin might want to drink in :P

Seaweed has been enjoying a lot of love in the AB (and now also Western Beauty!) community, thanks to the ever-elusive (but seemingly now in stock!!) Whamisa masks that are made with kelp instead of cotton or whatever other pulpy shit they use to make masks. People rant and rave about these masks, but I am not sure I am ready to fork over $14 for one mask when I can get 11 TM masks for the same price. But I digress, as usual.

So did the mask live up to the hype?? On to the review!

Mask Details: This mask had a nice clean smell; I'd even venture enough to say it smelled kind of fresh. It's a "three layer" cotton mask, It was thin and soaked with essence, There was enough left to rub on my neck and boobs :P Like its sister that was previously reviewed (the red wine mask) it was thin but easy to peel apart and it settled on my face nicely.

Mask Fit: Like most sheet masks I've tried, this had a standard not-quite-right fit but it didn't cover my whole face. It stopped short about 1/2 in from my ears :/ I remembered how fragile the red wine mask was, and this was exactly the same. I ended up stretching out the mouth hole while wearing it XD

First Impression:  I kept it on for almost a whole episode of True Detective (about 45 minutes), as it started to dry out around the chin area. When I took it off, my face stayed plump and moist for about 5 or so minutes while the essence soaked in, I continued with my ritual and went about my business.

Final Thoughts: Well, I must say that my skin feels nice today (yayyy :D). My skin is nice and clear, although I do have a pimple that sprouted up... but it was one I knew was coming (the spot has been kind of tender for the last couple of days. Booo). I wonder if the purifying that was promised has something to do with it? Hmm. In any case,  I really liked this mask.  Would I buy this again?? Most definitely. This is the fourth TM mask from the "I'm Real" line that I've tried and really liked! This definitely helped this line of masks earn Holy Grail status for me. I even made a meme:

#sorrynotsorry Taylor XD

Feel free to use the meme as you please :P

SO yeah,.. take thine ass to Amazon and buy the multipack. So far, all of the masks I've tried were awesome and totes worth the $17 I paid.

Until next time, where I will have some snaily goodness to share with you,



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