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My name is Deena. I'm a Korean Skincare convert in her very early thirties who lives in NYC and has recently become addicted to sheet masks! I think they're a cheap treat for your face, so why not give them a try? Come along with meeeee, I'll take you thereeeee oohhhhh... XD

I have combination/normal skin (I haz oily t-zones...). Don't ask what my technical skin tone is... don't know, and since I don't wear full coverage warpaint (err, makeup), I really don't give a shit. I got into K-Beauty stuffs to attain the seemingly unattainable: a beautiful, clear complexion. Since I don't wear coverage type makeup (and my skin isn't so bad, I guess) I figured it was worth a try.,.and then I fell down the rabbit hole that is Asian Beauty.

True story, bro.
I use one (or very rarely, two) sheet masks a day. I started this blog to in part chronicle my sheet mask journey, and also to yammer on about them, as I am sure the people in my life are sick of hearing about them XD

I appreciate all comments and helpful suggestions, so please feel free to reach out via the comments, Google Plus, or any of the various social media sites I have linked on the sidebar. You should also check out my non-sheet mask blog while you're at it :D

Thanks for reading! Have a sheetastic day!



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