Monday, September 14, 2015

Moving Along...

Hey dolls!

Just a heads up... I've moved operations of this blog to my main blog.... I'm tired of having all the shit I write about all over the fucking place. I decided to import all the posts from this blog over to WordPress: 

Nothing has changed besides the URL and overall theme of my blog... I have all the shit I love to talk about alll in one place now! You can find my sheet masks posts by clicking on the Asian Beauty or Skincare tab (might chage to either/or) on the main page.

I'm keeping this blog up for I didn't change all the links in the imported blog posts so... unless you want dead links this'll have to stay. I won't be monitoring comments or anything over here anymore. All my old posts from here have been moved to WP and you will find all the same content there.

See ya on WordPress!



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