Thursday, August 20, 2015

More Money Masks?!? No Thanks, Beauteque

What fuckery is this, you might be wondering....
So I got this flyer via email from Beauteque today.

Apparently no one has told them how much the money masks suck ass, so they are gonna have a special pouch featuring them next month!

OMG you actually want me to spend money on this bullshit?!??

Are you fucking serious?? Has no one really told them they're terrible?? Well, I fixed that today on Instagram when they posted about it (very nicely too I thought)... I'll let y'all know if they respond but don't hold your breath XD


  1. Ugh! I really don't want those cheap money masks anywhere near my face! D: Is there an option to pause the Mask Maven pouch? If so, i'm so on that =_=

    1. Oh boy... I;d shoot them an email and ask if I were you :/


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