Wednesday, June 3, 2015

MOTD: Jasaengsu Pine Mushroom Hi Collagen Essence Mask

Hey Sheet Mask Addicts! 

Today's mask is from Jasaengsu, a Korean company. I can't seem to find much about them online (in English...), and they don't seem to be a popular brand amongst the AB blogger world that I could find. I bought this on Tester Korea for 600 won, or $0.54 USD. Not too shabby right?

Continuing the randomly inspired Salad Week here on Sheet Mask Maven, today's mask's featured ingredient is pine mushroom (so yeah, before you say it, I know these variety of 'shrooms are not generally found in salad: bite me :P). These 'shrooms are expensive as hell, and are a delicacy in Japanese cuisine (where they are known as Matsutake...which means pine mushroom in Japanese XD). 

Monday, June 1, 2015

MOTD: My Beauty Diary Broccoli Mask

Hey Sheet Mask Addicts! Sorry for the week break. Shit has just been stir cray cray in my life... it's not all sorted out yet, but I actually missed blogging, so I decided to get back on the horse :P

In honor of today's MOTD, I am kicking off Salad Week! Every mask I use this week will feature a veggie you would find in a salad! :D

Anywho, today's mask is from an all-around AB favorite company, My Beauty Diary. They are a Taiwanese company, but their masks are so ubiquitous they even sell them at Walmart. Fucking Wally World, ya dig?? I tell ya, AB is taking 'merrica by STORM!