Wednesday, June 3, 2015

MOTD: Jasaengsu Pine Mushroom Hi Collagen Essence Mask

Hey Sheet Mask Addicts! 

Today's mask is from Jasaengsu, a Korean company. I can't seem to find much about them online (in English...), and they don't seem to be a popular brand amongst the AB blogger world that I could find. I bought this on Tester Korea for 600 won, or $0.54 USD. Not too shabby right?

Continuing the randomly inspired Salad Week here on Sheet Mask Maven, today's mask's featured ingredient is pine mushroom (so yeah, before you say it, I know these variety of 'shrooms are not generally found in salad: bite me :P). These 'shrooms are expensive as hell, and are a delicacy in Japanese cuisine (where they are known as Matsutake...which means pine mushroom in Japanese XD). 

I found a description on iCareguru for the mask:
Pine mushroom extracts helps the blood circulation and skin metabolism, give the skin nutrition and offer anti-ageing. The pine mushroom extracts could add the smoothness and cleaning of skin to improve the skin health.
(They also posted the ingredients! TK couldn't be bothered to do so -__-)

These mushrooms are chock full of vitamins, antioxidants, and has been shown to help lighten skin. An all natural alternative to Niacinamide?!? These are some kick ass fungi, man.

Enough of the 'shroom business! On to the review!

Isn't the packaging just adorable?? I almost didn't want to use it XD

Mask details: This mask had a nice, almost spicy smell I can't describe. I really rather liked it! :D It was of average thickness, and was soaked with essence. I had enough left in the pack to do The Yoosh :D

Mask Fit: This was the standard not-quite-fitting. I had to rip the eye holes for it to be comfortable, but interestingly enough the mouth hole was fine. It covered my face from cheek to cheek, so yay for that. 

First Impressions: This little mask surprised me. It lasted through an episode and a half of a Korean Drama (about an hour and a half then)! It also calmed down an irritation I had on my forehead. My skin felt nice and plump after taking off the mask. It took a couple of minutes for the essence to soak in, then I finished my routine and went about my biz. 

Final thought: My face was smooth and a little bright today! It seems like this little cheapie mask is a worth contender folks! Would I repurchase? Yes, but just not from TesterKorea. OMG they took for-fucking-everrrrr to ship out my order, and the cost of their cheapest shipping option was a small ransom... and they only sent one sample. For what was an expensive order, I might add -__-

Oh well, live and learn. 

All in all, I really enjoyed the mask. For a cheap mask, it held its own. Now, if I could find the rest of this line at the same price somewhere else......

Next time I order from Korea, I will use everyone's "bae" Jolse. I've ordered from their eBay account, and even though I only bought a few masks, they threw in 5 samples and a pack of blotting papers! Yayyy samples!

Til next sheet mask,


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