Tuesday, May 12, 2015

MOTD: Missha Gourmet Honey Butter

Hello lovelies! 

Today's mask is from Missha, which is based in Korea. The German version of the site (they don't have it on the US site, for whatever reason) says the following about the mask: 
This pack helps to promote a beautiful and glowing complexion with nutrients delivered from honey and gourmet butter. For those who wants to deliver radiance to the skin by providing nutrients and also wants to take a good care of skin by enjoying a sweet fragrance! MISSHAGourmet Honey Butter Sheet Mask- the tasty side of skin care.
So does it deliver on these promises?? Can't say for sure, but...before I go any further, lemme just say...

O. M. G. This mask is fucking amazeballs! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

This was part of my super awesome haul post so I'm not going into price and where I bought it (you can read about the price and where I got it from here). I'm glad I got the multi pack, because this mask is (wait for it...) like buttah (said with a NYC accent alá Mike Myers in Coffee Talk on SNL) XD 

But I'm getting ahead of myself, as usual. 

The featured ingredients in this mask aren't out of the ordinary. People have been using honey for both medicinal and cosmetic applications for millenia, and the same can be said for milk and all its various children (yogurt, butter, cream, buttermilk, etc). I think the name just sounds fancy for no good reason (how do I know it's really French butter??!?), but I'm a sucker for such hyperbolic copy, so it's A-OK to me :P

So anyway, on to the review! 

Here's the packaging:

It has usage instructions in English, so yay for that!

Here's a close-up of the English part of the package.

Mask details: I'm not exactly sure what the mask is made out of, but it's really thin and totally soaked in essence---with just enough left in the package to rub on my neck and boobs! I love that. The mask being thin wasn't a big deal, but if you have large hands like me, you will have to fiddle a bit to get it open without tearing it (luckily I didn't). It doesn't smell like milk or honey really, but it does have a nice sweet, almost creamy smell, so there's that.

Mask fit: I've yet to come across a mask that fits perfectly, but this one fits better than expected:

See how thin it is?? 

It covered my whole face (including all of my cheeks all the way to my ears! Squeeee)! Not only does it fit well, it stayed on my face even while laughing, drinking, and sitting up. Very impressive. 

First impression: I put it on and it felt AMAZING. Like I said above, it was well soaked, and I guess it being thin helped adhere it better to my face. I kept it on for 45 minutes. Even with the AC on, it didn't dry out. I kept stroking the mask while it was on my face.... felt so nice :D My face was nice and plump after I took it off... usually it takes a few minutes for the essence from a mask to settle in enough to continue the rest of my routine, but after 10 minutes, my face was still plump and moist *snerk* so I did my eye cream, sealer (snail gel!!) and also some Baviphat lemon whitening sleeping pack (I just got it in and wanted to try it..).

Final thoughts: When I woke up today, my face felt amazing! I don't know if it was the mask or the sleeping pack, but my face not only felt soft and smooth, but had a definite glow to it. My face was still moist too! I will have to try the mask again w/o the sleeping pack to know for sure if it had a definitive effect (but I'm sure they both worked in tandem). Would I buy this mask again? FUCK YES. I have four left. I was planning to give some away, but I think this one belongs on the hoard pile :D

Now the only question is... which mask will I use tonight?? Stay tuned!


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