Friday, May 15, 2015

MOTD: Malie Green Tea

G'day to ya, dolls ! :D

Today's mask is from Malie, which I'd guess is a Korean company (as the packaging said made in Korea...). My Google Fu failed me :( I couldn't find much online about the company/manufacturer, but I found a nice description for some of the varieties here.

I bought this mask in a multi pack. It was $20.40 for two complete 16 piece sets + 6 bonus masks and 4 charcoal pore strips... a fucking sweet deal, if you ask me. I went into more detail about these in my super awesome haul post, so go check it out :)

I'm still batting Zitgate 2015 (I'm gonna be 30 in a fucking month... WTF skin?!?), so last night I frantically read through eleventy hundred mask descriptions, on the hunt for something to help. I didn't want to use another tea tree mask (actually, I did... but I only have another of the same brand.... *boooo* bet your sweet ass I promptly purchased some tea tree masks from another brand! XD), so I decided to choose something that would contain ingredients that would help calm the inflammation in my zits. It was down to snail, aloe, and green tea.

SO I went with green tea :P

So why did I pick a green tea mask, you ask?

Well, we all know green tea is great for you.  It's great iced, hot, in mochi *drool*, and for your acne, too. (I should really start drinking it more. I prefer black or herbals teas usually, but I digress). It provides a shit load of antioxidants, and it also supposedly helps reduce skin inflammation. Green tea is also known for its anti-bacterial properties, which is very helpful in clearing up acne.

So, did it help? Read on to find out :D

I really love the color of the pkg... and I am so not a green kinda gal... unless it's neon XD

Engrish closeup, for your information and enjoyment ;)

Mask details: The mask is not too thick or too thin. It was pleasantly soaked with essence, much like The Qure's masks. There wasn't too much left in the mask package, but the mask itself was so soaked, I didn't mind that too much. It had a soft, soothing scent, not unlike an aloe mask I tried once. The smell was kind of faint, and I couldn't smell it while I had it on.

Mask fit: Eh, standard non-fitting. This one was a little worse than usual, though: I had to tear the eye and mouth holes a lil to use it comfortably... but I have big ass luscious lips and big eyes, so no surprise there lol. Other than that, it covered most of my face, and stayed put. The mask adhered well to my face, even while sitting up, drinking beer, and laughing XD

First impression:  It felt sooooo soothing on my inflamed Zits from Hell, and it left my face plump and refreshed. I kept it on for ~40 minutes, and could have left it on longer... but I was tired. I squeezed out the remaining essence from the mask and spread it around my various other parts. The essence sunk in after a few minutes, so I did The Yoosh and went to bed.

Final thoughts: I'm sure you're wondering if the mask helped me in my epic quest.....not really. Beyond leaving my face feeling nicely hydrated, it didn't do much more besides calming down my zits for a little while.


But I need to remember that these masks are more for hydration than anything else. Sometimes I see temporary improvements, but it might even just be the placebo effect, at any rate XD

Would I buy this variety again? If it came in a multi pack, yes. By itself? Not really. My beloved The Qure line has a green tea version and I have a few other green tea masks from other companies as well, so this is not my last fore into the wonders of green tea!

Until tomorrow, where I share my first monthly mask subscription service, the Beauteque Mask Maven (!) May shipment (which I got in the mail whilst writing this post up)!!!! I probably won't post a review of a mask as a result... we'll see. I might just use one of  my new pretties and combine the haul with a mask review; seems easier to do it that way (I'm lazy, y'all XD)


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