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MOTD: Dermal Snail Collagen Essence Mask

Hello SMAs (formerly known as sheet mask addicts...shut up, I'm lazy XD):

Today we get back to our regularly scheduled MOTD posts yayyy! On a side note, I think I might just start saving haul posts for the weekends, or should I dedicate a day for hauls (there will be more in the coming weeks XD)? Any opinions on the matter would be much appreciated :D

Today's mask is from Korean company Dermal, who (I didn't know this before) also makes the Purederm line of products too! I like their collagen eye patches :3  I bought this mask in a 16 piece multi pack on Amazon for $12 (with free shipping for Prime or for orders over $35), which comes out to $0.75 a piece! You know I love a good bargain. I've actually had these for awhile; I tried one from the pack (charcoal) a couple of weeks before I started the blog, and I remember it being decent. Not spectacular mind you, but I figured it was worth the per-piece price.

I'm in the last stages of my Epic Zit War, so I decided to select a mask with more regenerative/repairing elements because I figured that even the tiniest bit of whatever-says-will-help would be sufficient :P

But I'm getting ahead of myself (again, as usual...)

The featured ingredient in this mask is snail mucus extract, or you may see it as Snail Secretion Extract (same shit, meng). Now, if you're new to Asian beauty, you might be balking and saying what the fuck Deena??

Just listen to this: snail slime is a wonder substance. Have acne problems, blemishes that won't go away, fine wrinkles annoying the shit out of you?? The snail slime has got your back. Legions of die hard Korean beauty fanatics cannot be wrong (dammit!), But you know snail slime must be a huge deal if even the American media is doing stories on it. Huh.

I personally wasn't grossed out by its use in skin care when I heard about it; as a matter of fact it took me back to my childhood days of playing in the yard, catching snails and keeping them in old ice cream buckets where I would feed them lettuce. They were so cute! Even the slime trails were pretty; they'd leave shiny diamond trails all over the concrete, and it was lovely  ^__^

Yadda, yadda, yadda; you're prolly wondering now, did it help?? Sorry I'm rambling today... on to the review!

Spoiler: I loved this mask :D
The back has usage and other pertinents in Hangul, Japanese, and English :D
Closeup of English portion.
Mask details: The mask was surprisingly thick and dripping with essence. There was just enough left inside for me to do The Yoosh (rub it on my neck and boobs :P). It had a nice clean smell. I'm not sure what I expected it to smell like, but not as nice as it was, I tell you. 

Mask fit: The mask fit me pretty well, although the eye and mouth holes were a little too small (as is usually the case for me), but not so small that I had to cut it or anything. Since it covered my face from cheek-to-cheek, I was very happy. It even held up well when I did a mini photo shoot:

I had a lot of fun with this :P
First impression: After putting the green tea mask from my last MOTD post in the fridge, this has become my new norm. I stuck it in (snerk) the fridge at least an hour, if not more, before. It felt ZOMG amayyyzing. As is the case with these masks, the cold soon dissipates, but it still felt good on my face at any rate. I, umm, fell asleep with it on (I took a 4 hour nap...I haven't been sleeping well the past few days...) and it was dry (but still stuck to my face XD) when I woke up, but my face wasn't--it was nicely moisturized, and I didn't even use my awesome TonyMoly Snail Moisture Gel to seal it in like I usually do. Not only that, but two huge zits have been significantly reduced to almost gone O_O

Final thoughts: Can I say wow?? My face feels like buttah, and the only thing I bothered to put on when I got up from my nap was my preshus Mizon Snail Repair Eye cream! I love this!! I didn't expect such wow from a cheapie mask, but it just comes to show you, right? I'm no mask snob by any means (it it seems reputable I will buy it, the cheaper the better!), but sometimes you get what you pay for. I'm finding out this is not always the case for Korean skin care, and I love that. I told my mom I paid less than $15 for my eye cream (which has really reduced my fine lines, TYVM) and she couldn't believe it. She pays upward of $45 for hers. She won't try the snail stuff though. 


All in all, I fucking LOVED this mask! I must inform you that I do use other products that include snail slime in my beauty regimen (as mentioned above), so it could very well be the layered amounts of snail working together or some shit... but I belieeeeve in the power of the mighty snail now! I must hunt down a multi pack of this variety to have on hand. You can't beat a decent cheap face mask, especially one that shows RESULTS, dammit.

As a final note, I used a couple of masks the past two days that I did not review (yet). Don't worry: I used masks that I had multiples of just so I can still blog about them at a later date. You have no idea the kind of restraint I exercised to do so...you're welcome ;)

Until tomorrow's adventure,



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  1. I randomly ordered this mask from TesterKorea for 500won($0.42) without checking reviews, and let me say, I'm relieved I didn't waste my pocket change lol awesome review


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