Monday, May 18, 2015

MaskGenie May Pouch Unboxing

Hellooooo fellow sheet mask addicts!

Today we're doing an unboxing of MaskGenie's May Pouch, yayyyy :D

In case you've never heard of it, Maskgenie is a pretty popular sheet mask subscription service that ships from Hong Kong. From the site:
MaskGenie is a monthly masks membership service, which delivers a beautifully packaged drawstring pouch straight to your door containing a variety of fun and exciting masks from Asia.   
MaskGenie is not only your usual masks subscription service where you receive a bunch of random masks each month, but with MaskGenie, all products are carefully chosen and curated by us, all in order to give you the best selection of the craziest, coolest, and hottest trends!
It's all run by one woman, the eponymous Genie! Craziness. She does monthly unboxing videos on YouTube, so you should definitely check those out!

Anyhow, there are two plans available: $22.00 for 10 different masks or $12.00 for 5 different masks. I chose the 10 mask pouch (duh!). It doesn't auto-renew; you have to put in an order for each individual month. She does say she can send you an invoice if you like, so there's that. Bonus: The prices include worldwide shipping!

Speaking of shipping, just a word of caution: Genie ships the pouches without a tracking number, so if you're a fanatic about that, this may not be the service for you. She ships out the pouches on the ~10th of every month, and doesn't send out a notice either. I reached out to her on Instagram on Wednesday, and she promptly responded to say as much, I grumbled but let it go. I opened my mailbox on Saturday and BAM! there it was so yayyy not a ripoff (what a relief) XD

SO without further ado... on to the goodies!

The May pouch came packaged in a blue organza bag... between this and the MM monthly pouch I can see I'll have a ton of these hanging around XD 

Unlike the Mask Maven subscription, there was no detailed note or instructions. Not a sticking point to me: they're fucking sheet masks, not rocket science... Although some of these have no English ingredient lists or text besides the name of the product and the featured variety/ingredient so...yeah. It's gonna make for a helluva research wormhole when I start reviewing some of these masks XD

I received a total of ten items: 9 sheet masks and a pair of foot detox pads. I only recognize one brand from the lot, so yay for that! :D

SO what's inside???

Sorry for the shitty photos.... the lighting in my living room sucks balls.

First up is this eye mask from Shara Shara, the Black Source Eye Sunglasses. I love the packaging, and apparently the mask is black! Very cool. I really like eye masks/sheets... nothing like soothing tired under-eyes from staying up all night lurking online like an eye mask fresh from the fridge. Can't wait to try this!

Next is a sheet mask from SexyLook, a Taiwanese company. I don't know what variety it is (the only English on the package is the name of the company and the ingredients >_<) but it's one of those fancy "3D" masks. I've yet to try one of these, so that's a bonus.

Next up is a mask from I.Skin (not sure where the company is located...), the Strawberry Yogurt Mask. I'm not a fan of strawberry flavored things (though I like real strawberries), and the smell of artificial strawberry is usually too sweet or cloying to me, so I'm a little trepidatious to try this one. 

Next is a mask from another Taiwanese company (Dr. Morita), the, umm, Moisturizing Essence Facial Mask.... that seems to be the name anyway. Not sure what variety it is, or anything. It does have the ingredient list in English though :P

Next mask in the pouch is from a Korean company named Color Combos, the Combos Skin Mulberry Antioxidant Mask. Interestingly enough, the packaging is mostly in English, with what looks like Chinese characters instead of Hangul as secondary text. Interesting. 

Next up are two masks that I am excited to try!! The packaging on these masks is just too cute!! These are from yet another Taiwanese company, Coni Beauty. These are the Lotus Elastic & Hydrating Mask and the Orchid Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle Mask. I hope the masks are as great as their packaging!!! :D

Next is a mask from a Korean brand called Seatree, the Steam Essence Mask Sheet. I think the packaging is just too fucking adorable! It contains shea butter, a favorite moisturizer of mine so I'm eager to try this one ^__^

Next mask is from Nature Republic, the Help Me Help Ceramide Mask Sheet. I'm excited about this one too; I have yet to try any of their sheet masks, and now I have this and a hand mask from my MM May pouch! :DD

Last but not least are a pair of detoxing foot pads, the Natural Detox Foot Patch (company/brand unknown). I received the mugwort variety. I have heard that these kind of pads were totally bunk, but... worth a try I guess, since I have it already and all XD

I am really pleased and excited by my MaskGenie May pouch! It's nice to get masks from companies I've never heard of (and might be hard to find otherwise!). You bet your sweet ass I ordered the June pouch... it's my birthday month, after all! Squeeeeeeeeee :DDDDD

I'll be reviewing these masks soon so stay tuned! xoxox

We should be back to our regularly scheduled MOTD  (Mask of the Day) posts tomorrow... although I do have another haul post for you this week :-*

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